LGD 4033

Well, you already know that steroids can give you massive gains and these gains are very important when it comes to bodybuilding. But, steroids have so many side effects that outweigh its benefits. This being said, many bodybuilders turn to SARMS (selective androgen receptor modulators) to help them beef up minus the nasty sides.

LGD-4033 (Ligandrol) is a very powerful SARM that can help you reach your full potential. Let’s get to know more about this non-steroidal product.

What is LGD-4033?


LGD-4033 is one of the newer SARMS that has come out. It is a non-steroidal oral SARM that binds with AR which produces steroid-like results minus the steroids. It is the closest SARM that can be equated to an anabolic in terms of strength. LGD-4033 is the strongest of all the SARMS in terms of the size you can gain.

It’s in a group of androgen receptor (AR) ligands that are tissue selective, created to cure muscle wasting linked with acute and chronic diseases, age-related muscle loss and cancer. LGD-4033 is anticipated to yield the healing benefits of testosterone with better safety, admissibility and patient acceptance due to tissue-selective mechanism of action and its oral form of administering.

How LGD-4033 Works

LGD-4033 works by tying androgen receptors selectively. It shows anabolic activity in the bones and muscles instead of harmfully affecting the prostate and sebaceous glands which usually happens when using steroids.

LGD-4033 just concluded a study called Phase I Multiple Ascending Dose which included fit volunteers.

This was an unplanned, double bind analysis stage that included a placebo. The objective was to form that using LGD-4033 was harmless and easy to stomach with a dose not beyond 22 mg a day.

Clinical runs also showed that LGD-4033 has the ability to set off the following benefits when taken consistently:

  • An increase in strength levels
  • Lean muscle mass improved
  • A drop in body fat
  • Has healing properties
  • Does not cause the undesirable side effects caused by prohormones and anabolic steroids

When to Use LGD-4033

Based on some latest studies and experiments conducted, Ligandrol can enhance lean muscle mass and decrease body fat. Also, it can boost strength for better and more challenging training performance, recovery and overall health. Thus, it comes as no surprise that athletes and bodybuilders use LGD-4033 to help them be in their best selves.

For Bulking

Suggested dosage is 5-10 mg a day for 8 weeks. A protein-rich diet is also necessary as well as higher caloric intake if you plan to beef up by 10 pounds or more.

For Cutting

Use LGD-4033 with SARMS triple pack (GW-501516, S-4 and LGD-4033) to make it more effective as you are aiming to add more size while cutting fat. Suggested dosage is 3-5 mg a day for 8 weeks.

For Recomping

LGD-4033 is best used for recomping. Many users have said that they’ve observed a boost in lean body mass and fat loss. Using it together with other SARMS such as GW-501516 or Cardarine will give you a stronger and better recomp. Suggested dosage is 5-8 mg per day for 8 weeks.

Does LGD-4033 Have Any Side Effects?

It is non-toxic and the side effects are very minimal. Thus, using LGD-4033 is recommended if you want to bulk up and drop fat sans steroids as we all know steroids have harsh side effects.

It won’t affect your liver but a full PCT is advised after running LGD-4033. The suppression is higher than other SARMS (but lower than anabolics), thus the need for PCT.

Where to Buy The Highest Quality LGD-4033 For Your Rat

Want to try LGD 4033 for yourself? There are many places you can buy it for online. There are also a lot of “fake” SARMs out there, some disguised as SARMs but really steroids.

Below I will give you 2 options that you can use to get legitimate Ligandrol online, and only the highest quality.

Option 1: Innovative Research Compounds

IRC as it’s known for short, is a company that sells a variety of chemicals, including high quality SARMs as well as LGD for super affordable prices.

It’s one of the more trusted sources, especially talked about on Reddit. You can get a bottle of LGD 4033 for $65 on Innovative Research Compounds here.

Option 2: KONG by Medfit

If you want to stack LGD or wish to take additional SARMs on top of it, this is the option that will be best for you. SARMSTORE1 offers a product called KONG, which is a stack of 5 different SARMS, and also includes 10mg of LGD in every capsule.

Our Final Review of LGD-4033

Aside from hearing so many great reviews about LGD-4033, I have to personally say that it is a great run. It’s smooth while giving you more pumps. You feel tighter and definitely a lot stronger.

One user even said “…The appearance of my physique increased in a matter of a week and dramatically changed after a few weeks with slow and steady gains. It’s a safe and healthy alternative to anabolic steroids…” – It doesn’t get more convincing than that!

Have you tried LGD-4033? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

48 thoughts on “LGD 4033

  1. Muhammad Al-Amin says:

    I would like to know if your LGD 4033 is the Pharmaceutical grade version if not where can I purchase the pharmaceutical grade.

  2. B Anderson says:

    Your LGD 4300 10mg/ml x30ml -What is the molecular formula? I’m seeing on the net different ones. What’s the difference?

  3. A P says:

    Can I just take LGD4033 on my leg days. So twice a week. My leg days are Tues and Sat. All other body parts are good. I just have bird legs. I have been working out for over 1 year and I cant seem to grow my legs.

    • Chris Wallace says:

      Unfortunately I will not be able to answer any questions related to human use. These products are research chemicals and are not meant for human consumption. I will on the other hand answer questions related to muscle growth in your lab animals.

      • Dex says:

        Hey Chris

        I am a university student and I have been doing extensive research on imaginary animals.
        How long should the imaginary cycle be and is an imaginary PCT required?

        • Chris Wallace says:

          Well this imaginary PCT should be 4 weeks. Normally I would suggest Nolvadex but if I were to suggest a specific brand, eliminate from Olympus labs UK is also very good. Make sure your animal is taking it during your last 2 weeks and continue for 4 more weeks afterwards. Remember that it isn’t recommended to cut for at least one month after your animal completes a bulking cycle.

    • Sangreal says:

      Take every day and raise your protein and carbohydrate intake. (Proteien 3g/lbm minimum) Train with low-midle reps and use heavy weight.

  4. conn says:

    Would I need to use a PCT,after an 8 week cycle on
    a tri stack of,,
    GW 501516 ,LGD4033,MK 2866 (or S4)

  5. Dan Patti says:

    Just bought LGD 4033 and MK 677 … would like to know what time the day should I be taking them for maximum results.
    I was told mk 677 before bed on empty stomach and LGD 2 pills in the morning and one at night sometime.
    Any direction on when to take these supplements?
    Thanks for an EXCELLENT PRODUCT!

  6. GB says:

    I just ceased research with LGD 4033 product from another popular SARMS vendor. The results were more sides than expected caused an early termination of the cycle. Side effects were upset stomach, a lot of pain in shoulders, cold hands and an odd sensation of shortness of breath. That said there was good success at a min dosage of .5 ml of 3 lbs of good muscle gain. My question is, in your or any other persons opinion would MK 2866 be a better option to cycle my rat on and expect less side effects? Hate to waste more $$ thought I’d ask others that have done their own experiment with either LGD or MK 2866 because I’d like to do another cycle of SARMS with a 3lb gain on the minimum dosage this stuff is definitely a legit option to anabolics.

  7. Full House says:

    Below is my daily schedule how do I mix in LGD-4033 to this schedule consuming 5-10ml per day?

    Breakfast: 2 eggs, 2 bacon
    AM Snack: fruit
    Lunch: Meat
    PM Snack: veggies (lift weights)
    Dinner: Meat
    Bedtime: Asprin

  8. Orville Norton says:

    I have yet to try LGD-4033 yet, but have been thinking about it. I’ve tried to get some info from Sarms Warehouse and Southern Sarms, but keep drawing blanks. I’m considering running LGD-4033 with a prohormone for my next cycle, but I don’t know what the side effects are or if it’s a good idea? I’m worried about raging and irritability, is this a side effect of LGD-4033? Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated.

    • Warj1990 says:

      ProHormones need to be tossed in the trash…Just saying they have lots of sides and you would be better off with real Test injections.

      SARMS are different. LGD made my rat hungry. Also, resting on a shoulder at night caused lots of pain when waking up- so sleep was affected. Needed to get used to face down or face up for rest. Other than those all good. My rat gets really lethargic around 180lb. Ending this cycle weigh in at 186 and still felt great.

  9. Husky Trainer says:

    Hello Chris Wallace or SARMSstore comments moderator:
    I have some champion Siberian Huskies, they are record holders in pushing and pulling competitions for dogs. I would like to provide them with a boost in strength for their next events. I was going to try LG-4033. I have a couple of 220 lbs huskies and three 132 lbs female huskies. I was going to give the males 10mg and the females 5mg. Does this sound about right. Also, I keep reading about cycling. As I understand cycling as it applies to oral testosterones that is because of the alkyd molecule at the 17a position which caused liver damage but allowed the testosterone to make multiple passes thru the liver.
    Since LG-4033 is a SARMS, there is no Alkyd molecule to cause liver dysfunction, correct? Is it really necessary to cycle the SARMS then? I really care about my Huskies and only want the best for them.
    These are serious questions and I hope you take the time to respond.
    Thanks, Husky Trainer.

    • Warj1990 says:

      Female husky should enjoy MK-2866. It helps for stage shows without bulking.
      Male husky should enjoy LGD-4033.
      Usually one would administer a dose for 3 weeks (say 10-15mg) then up for 3 weeks (say total 15-20mg) then up it for the final two weeks (say total 20-25mg).

      In order for the body to be responsive a two week period should be taken to allow this to clear and the body to balance. Then repeat again. Keep feedback on mood, feeling and results and target that XX mg range for this cycle.

      As always (with anything) nutrition is key for gains or losses, SARMS help.
      Happy training.

  10. Rodolfo Vargas says:

    Hi! I have a question, I am working on a lab research and would like to know what are the expected results in terms of gains for LGD 4033. Since the very 1st dose, when will the results come? What would be the increase (of muscle) per week?

    • Warj1990 says:

      This is a loaded question. I will attempt to answer it.

      First question: are you training? No…come back in 6 months of gym workouts.
      Are you eating properly for your goals? Um…maybe…come back in 2 months.

      Ok, so your back…Now you know what working in the gym is and what it takes to eat to gain muscle or slim down (bulk or cut)…your ready for boosters (SARMS).

      The first 2 weeks expect little results. Your lifting weights will be about the same as well as body weight. The 3rd week on your going to start to feel hungry often. You will also notice you can lift more weights like they are really lighter (as an example squats and deadlifts moving up 30 lb a week fairly easy). So by week 6-8 you should be up 100+ lb on your major lifts.

      While pushing yourself in this manor you can expect about 6-10lb of muscle mass.

      Now if your eating potato chips, kicked back watching movies…expect maybe 1 lb.

  11. hramirez1980 says:

    Lab animals? Come on you all promote all these sarms as they are intended for human consumption. What’s the difference if you answer these guys questions regarding what you are promoting? They want to buy the stuff for them not lab animals. Misguided info and I was really interested. I’ve been a gym rat for since I was 15 and I’m 37 now. Keep it real fellas

    • Warj1990 says:

      Simply put: These are not FDA approved. Secondly if they were you would need a Dr. prescription to obtain them.

      SARMS can only be sold as research chemicals or the FDA will shutdown with massive fines.

      At this stage of life with a “sue happy” nation it is more profitable to sell “research chemicals” and not worry about lawsuits against companies. Enjoy testing on your “rats”

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  13. Fabio says:

    I have done some research with these product on a rat with MPB. Did it for 4 weeks and the product was increasing the rat muscle mass in a better rate than testosterone. But on the second week the rat started experiencing hair loss. The dose was 5mg/day.
    Has anyone experienced this with LGD4033?

    • RONKLE says:

      Yes, was taking 10mg/day and after the 4th week my hair started to fall out moderately. I cut back and it stopped.

      • Mark says:

        The hair loss is only if you are genetically prone. It will not cause hair loss in those that do not have that genetic marker.

  14. Max limones says:

    I took an 8 week cycle of LGD 4033 I’ve been off now for a week I’m still getting great pumps I still kept all the strength I gained on my pct now I did experience a little upset stomach a few times through my 8 week cycle butt nothing else LGD 4033 is the best thing out there I gained 15 pounds of muscle I’m 43 now and felt like I was back in my twenties I had awesome pumps and massive gains with this product

  15. Ricky says:

    This is for “human consumption” right? Because I bought LGD & S4 from SarmsPharm and they said it wasn’t for human consumption. I finished both bottles and I was perfectly fine and gained muscular weight.

  16. Davis says:

    Chris, if the lab rat in my experiment is being given a low dose testosterone of say 200mg/week, how would your experiments suggest that LGD-4033 might interact with the testosterone? Do you suspect the interaction would be beneficial?

    • Warj1990 says:

      At 200mg/wk you are on TRT. If your trying to bulk old school (Test injection) then it should be 500mg/wk for results at 12weeks (notice how that matches most cut and bulk routines as well 😉
      As to SARM stacks with TRT (in this case) Rad140 has been shown to keep sides to a minimum.

  17. Berry says:

    Hello Chris,
    My rat does not have time to work out. He is on 24 hr call and is up at all hours of the day and night. He does have a very physical lifestyle in his cage. About 15 miles a day walking as well as lifting heavy objects. He has been trying to loose the extra weight by eating right. He would like to know if this would be the right product to use to shed the fat as well as retain and build muscle mass. He is currently prescribed testosterone from his doctor. Thank you for your time.

  18. Tony says:

    If I have never experimented with SARMs before in the lab that is……what is he best SARM to start off with?

    What dosage and how long should my initial experiment run for?

    What do I experiment on this post SARM cycle?


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