Ostarine On Cycle is Stupid

Ostarine On Cycle – Is it a good idea?

This is a typical question I hear often…

Anabolic Bro: Do you think stacking this [insert any prohormone or traditional anabolic] withOstarine on cycle will improve my results?  It’s a SARM.

Me: Do you know what the acronym “SARM” even means?

Anabolic Bro: It’s an acronym? Well the guys told me it’s the hot new anabolic option. Lots of people are saying Ostarine on cycle is great and that’s a SARM. So obviously other guys are using on cycle SARMs.  It’s like the opposite of a SERM bro.

Me:  SARM stands for selective androgen receptor modulator.  The purpose of a SARM is to promote anabolic growth in skeletal muscle and bone.  They were originally designed to help elderly people and cancer patients avoid sarcopenia.

Anabolic Bro:  That’s cool, I want muscle growth.

Me:  Yes, in general that’s why we use anabolics and prohormones.  BUT traditional anabolics and prohormones are NOT selective.  Meaning they are anabolic in other organs such as liver, prostate, heart, etc.  So stacking Ostarine with other anabolics simply defeats the purpose of a SARMs selective action.  Using Ostarine on cycle with other anabolics simply makes it an expensive stacker (because let’s face it Ostarine isn’t cheap).

Anabolic Bro:  So it’s cool to use in Post Cycle Therapy (PCT)?

Ostarine’s effect on various hormones

Me:  Well not really.  I say this because we don’t know if Ostarine is suppressive to your natural testosterone when you are using more than 3 mg’s per day.  3 mg’s per day is the most that has ever been studied in people.  And in older men using 3 mg’s per day for 86 days natural free testosterone dropped 23%, and total testosterone dropped 43% [1].  Bodybuilders are using Ostarine in doses 7 to 10 times more than what has been studied in humans (21-30mg’s/day).  Assuming a linear relationship in the dose response of natural testosterone you can assume Ostarine is very suppressive.  Of course most people don’t use it for 12 weeks straight, but it simply means we don’t truly know how suppressive it is in healthy young guys.

Anecdotally guys are reporting that Ostarine is suppressing their natural testosterone levels.  For example a male aged 35 ran Ostarine started taking 5 mg’s/day of Ostarine working up to 10 mg’s [2].  He had blood work done before and 7 days into his ostarine cycle.  His testosterone levels dropped from 15.9 nmol/L to 9.6 nmol/L, or a 40% drop in just 7 days.  There are other anecdotal reports of natural testsoterone suppression from Ostarine as well [3]  This means Ostarine is likely suppressive to your natural testosterone levels, and not something you should use during PCT.

Also worth noting, is Ostarine’s effect on estrogen.  In the same study referenced earlier on elderly men using 3 mg’s per day the found a 37% drop in estradiol.   What is interesting is that many guys have reported increased estrogen levels while using Ostarine, this is believed to be a result of increased expression of the aromatase enzyme (the enzyme that converts testosterone to estrogens).

Anabolic Bro:  Wut?  Cliffs?

Me:  Don’t use Ostarine on cycle unless you want a really expensive anabolic.  Don’t use Ostarine in PCT unless you do not want to fully recover your natural testosterone levels.  Ostarine is probably best used as a standalone in long cycles (12 weeks or less), or just prior to an anabolic steroid cycle (bridge into the cycle).  Ostarine on cycle is stupid.

-Travis DeGraff

Side Note – Ostarine is actually a drug in development.  The company currently studying Ostarine (enobosarm) GTx Inc. has just finished Phase III clinical trials [4].  This means that there are yet to be published studies (2 to be exact) on thousands of participants.  According to the early news they went well, which means Ostarine could be classified as a drug at any time.

It also means that it will no longer be sold as a supplement (legally that is), so if you are considering trying it, it may not be best to wait.

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5 thoughts on “Ostarine On Cycle is Stupid

  1. Matty says:

    Been using osta for 2 years now. Get bloods every 6 months and xrays. Literally does nothing other than increase muscle mass for a bit and keep you lean af. I actually feel amazing on it. Its awesome stuff!

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