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SR9009 (Stenabolic)

Chemical Name: Ethyl 3-[[(4-chlorophenyl)methyl-[(5-nitrothiophen-2-yl)methyl]amino]methyl]pyrrolidine-1-carboxylate
Other Name(s): Stenabolic
Half Life: 24 hours

SR9009, also known as Stenabolic, is a new drug currently being developed at TSRI (The Scripps Research Institute). It has been shown to considerably boost exercise endurance in animal models, leading scientists to believe that SR9009 could improve individuals suffering from illnesses limiting physical movement including obesity, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), congestive heart failure and slow the deterioration of age related muscle capacity.

The Benefits of SR9009: A Drug Causing Major Breakthroughs

Stenabolic was first developed by Professor Thomas Burris who first used it to experiment with mice. Within days, the treated mice became leaner, developed larger muscles and had a 50% increase in running ability .

SR9009 basically imitates the effects of aerobic exercise.

It does this by binding itself to Rev-erbα, which is responsible for lipid and glucose metabolism, the creation of fat-storing cells and the reaction of macrophages during inflammation.

According to Burris:

The animals actually get muscles like an athlete who has been training. The pattern of gene expression after treatment with SR9009 is that of an oxidative-type muscle— again, just like an athlete.”

SR9009 affects the primary biological clock, which coordinates the rhythm of the body’s activity with the 24-hour phase of day and night.

Recent research show that activation of Rev-erbα with SR9009 resulted to enhanced metabolic activity in skeletal muscle tissue in both culture and in mice. The authors of this new research propose that Rev-erbα affects muscle cells by stimulating both the formation of new mitochondria (more known as the “power plants” of the cell) and the authorization of those mitochondria that are flawed.

If the effects of SR9009 on mice can securely be duplicated for people, the new drug may provide new treatments for obesity and its companions, metabolic syndrome and diabetes. Another area in which SR9009 or a similar drug may present significant benefit is to balance the loss of overall muscle conditioning which transpires as a side effect of reduced activity due to sickness or old age.

Hoping that small-scale medical trials on people start ASAP!

Tips For Dosage

SR9009 is meant to be run on a minumum of 12 weeks. As with any SARM or anabolic compound, you should always assess your animal’s tolerance first by starting at 10mg and working your way up.

A good sweet spot is somewhere around the 20mg per day area.

Stenabolic is not as anabolic as some of the other SARMs, and therefore is perfect for cutting or recomping during a cycle. If you do want to put on added weight while using SR 9009, then be sure stick to a diet of high calories and protein.

What About the Side Effects of SR9009?

I know you must be wondering if taking Stenabolic is going to cause any problematic side effects while on cycle. And the truth is, there are no recorded adverse effects as a result of taking SR 9009.

It is still a relatively new drug currently undergoing testing, but has been deemed 100% safe up till this point.

Let us know what you think as well as your hopes for the new drug SR9009 in the comments below.

Source: Scripps Research Institute

Where to Buy Stenabolic Online

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  1. Ben says

    Hi I’d like to know what the recommended dose for sr9009
    100kg male

    1. Jeff says

      30-40 mg a day split every 2-3 hours bc of the short halflife

  2. jamil says

    Im looking for vascularity, muscle hardness, strength ,endurance and a increased sex drive…what would you recommend

  3. Toby says

    Want to try sr9009

  4. JB says

    Stack: LGD4033 15mg / 100mg laxogenin/25mg Osterine/25mg MK677- daily for 8 weeks. Add Vitamin B6 and B12 High dosage to energize ARs- BAM! Feed the hunger sensibly well, and sleep at least 8 hours daily. Your inner Gorilla will appear!

    1. Xenios Hadj says

      1.Why laxogenin isn’t lgd anabolic enough ?
      2. What about stacking 10 mg lgd with rad 140 8mg ,epicatechin and 4ad as test base? 42days
      Laxogenin as a part of pct or bridge to next cycle after pct .

  5. 3va says

    Q beneficios y efectos secundarios en las mujeres? Cual seria la dosiis recomendada si peso 56kg ?

  6. Phil Slater says

    I used to take 4 capsules a day in my first two months but I reduced it to 2 capsules after achieving my muscle mass goal. Laxogenin is a big help in for bodybuilders but we should know the facts about it.Thank you for sharing this very informative article.

  7. Glen says

    Hi I’m using stenabolic for only 2days and I’m eating like a mad man. I’m ravenous. Anybody know why and should this be happening. If I go more than an hour without eating I start to feel weak and weary which goes against what it’s meant to do for you as it states to up your energy levels.

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