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For a long time, the SARMs have been one of the widely used drugs. The basic purpose that they have been serving is to increase human weight, make the muscles stronger, and rise bone density. Although there were many similar drugs in the market but scientists felt that it was time to move people towards a better product. It has been tested in different phases and will soon be available in the market for people to buy and consume.

History of LGD-3303

Lingad Pharmaceuticals initiated the process of developing this new drug. Their mission was to make a drug that helps human muscles gain weight, proper mass and increase bone density. However, the main issue it treats is to heal wasted muscles. The product was tested on humans and the results showed amazing betterment in the muscle production. The company aims to produce it and serve in the market soon.

Benefits of LGD-3303

LGD-3303 has a whole list of benefits to offer to the people who are waiting for its launch. Here are some benefits that you should know about this drug.

Muscle Production

It is significantly known for increasing the mass of the muscles and also for lowering the chances of muscle wasting. It also makes your muscles strong enough to avoid minor injuries. It is indeed an outstanding medicine for the people belonging to the bodybuilding industry.

Increasing Bone Density

It is not only beneficial for bodybuilders but also good for athletes. It makes the bones stronger than ever by increasing the bone density. Hence, lowering the risk of getting fractures and weak bones. Moreover, its ability to make muscles strong also supports the bones in order to protect from shock in case of a fall.

Less Harmful Aspects

While the majority of the drugs have more risks than benefits to offer but with this new drug the things are reversed as it comes with fewer side effects. Unlike all other drugs, it does not come with steroids and tests show that androgenic organs are completely safe from it. Hence, you can use it without worrying about your health.

Easy to Use

Another major issue that people face with most of the SARMs is the way they enter the human body. Some need to be injected and ingesting others is easier said than done. LGD-3303 is free of steroids and can be taken orally without any problem being caused.

Safe for Women

Based on the teste performed, it is termed as extremely safe for women to use on regular basis. However, it is advised that they should see a doctor before taking the drug and in case of emergency, stop its use immediately.

Side Effects to Look For:

The tests performed did not show side effects but it is mentioned that the drug can react differently to different people. According to a few reports, the people who have a problem of testosterone suppression can face hormonal problems since this drug is known for suppression. However, it is not necessary that your body will react in the same way someone else’s did.

Advised Dosage of LGD-3303

The medicine can be taken either orally or through injection. If you are aiming to take it for cutting, use 15mg to 20mg every day for six to eight weeks for better results. In case you want to go for recomping or bulking, take 20mg or 30mg every day for eight to ten weeks depending on the outcome. Since the medicine has a short life, you will have to use it more than once a day to keep your LGD levels high.

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